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Product Reviews

  • Woman Wearing Purple Mineral Eyeshadow
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Purple Mineral Eyeshadows ($14.95)
    reviewed by Sierra Fisher

    I was originally a skeptic of purple eyeshadow, fearing it would make me look like some 70s hippie or 90s teen. But after watching a few of Emily's tutorials, I decided I needed to try a few of the colors she demonstrated! I currently have Lavender Ice (a beautiful highlighter or inner eye lightener), Dusk (the perfect compliment to a peach shadow for a natural smoky eye), Faithfulness (a great match for Lavender Ice for the outer corner of the eye), Fascination (the perfect one-color daily shadow for any simple, natural look), and Refuge (a beautiful color to pair with the darker Browsugared Rosedrop for a work or date look). I've learned that Emily's purples are beautiful colors that are complimentary and can be used for everything from a low-key natural daily look to sexy date look. They are a great addition to any collection!

    (Photo is of Refuge paired with Brownsugared Rosedrop).

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  • Woman Wearing Mineral Mascara
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Exotic Beauty Mineral Mascara ($24.95)
    reviewed by Sierra Fisher

    I have fairly oily skin, which often causes mascara (even non-smear brands) to smear under my eyes, giving me a raccoon look. Traditional mascara also irritates my eyes and causes my lashes to break when I wash it off. The other natural brands I have tried tend to be a little chunky, and are never waterproof.

    This mascara is different from all others I've tried. It doesn't run or smear (outside of extreme circumstances) and is not irritating. It is also very buildable, allowing looks to range from natural to a formal night out. It also washes out gently with a simple oil cleanser such as the Purify serum. I am definitely a fan!

    (In this photo I am wearing Black Walnut)

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