About Redeeming Beauty Minerals

Redeeming Beauty Minerals loves helping women heal and nourish their skin, their body, and their soul.

And Redeeming Beauty Minerals loves empowering women to magnify their natural beauty.

For your safety, only all natural ingredients are used in every formula.

And you will find a comprehensive list of ingredients in each item description so you can make the most informed decision for yourself.

You will find absolutely no:

  • chemicals
  • nanoparticles
  • bismuth oxychloride
  • talc
  • fragrance oils
  • parabens
  • fd&c lake dyes (which are derived from petroleum and also tested on animals)
  • petroleum
  • allantoin (which is purified animal urea)
  • gluten
  • preservatives
  • animal testing of my products or ingredients from companies that test on animals

Enjoy looking around, and please feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

About the Maker

“Well, it really isn’t worth telling, but if you’ll let me tell you about how I imagine myself, it’s a lot more interesting.” (Anne of Green Gables)

Ok, since you asked….

I remember wanting my own makeup line since I was 5 years old….

I am a wife to my one and only love, a mama to our first little who is currently 3 years old, and I am the creator of some of the purest artisanal mineral makeup on the market.

Redeeming Beauty Minerals is an accidental company. It began because I started selling the extra of what I made for myself. I was disgusted by ingredients found in conventional makeup and even the fillers found in most mineral makeup (like bismuth oxychloride).

You will not find duplicated colors, because I create all the colors I always wanted to find but couldn’t. You will find colors here that are sophisticated, exotic, and unique ~ with names that will inspire and uplift you. The unique shades will encourage you to be the woman you strive to be, magnify your natural beauty, and highlight your inner strength.

You will not find watered down formulas, as I believe that every ingredient should have a nourishing presence. You will not find filler ingredients that will water down and “stretch” the formula that will lower my cost at the expense of ingredients to nourish your skin. Every ingredient has a specific purpose for your skin.

You will also not find more velvety textures than Redeeming Beauty Minerals, because as an HSP (highly sensitive person) who has SPD (sensory processing disorder), I abhor scratchy and irritating textures, and I create the most velvety and silky textures possible. Every product is luxury worth saving your pennies for.

And portions of the gross profits of every order rescue and heal trafficked children through Operation Beauty from Ashes ~ because Beauty is more than skin deep.