Operation Beauty From Ashes

I thought that a video would best capture my heart rather than writing, but I’m wondering if text is better for you, and your schedule? So I decided to write to you also, because you deserve to be informed. Being informed is the best way to *be the difference* in this world. So, join me for a moment, as I share my heart with you.

Thailand’s economic wealth is 50% from tourism, and 50% of the tourism income is based on the buying and selling of children ~ mainly to white males from the USA who come on “vacation” and bring them back to the US to work in Asian salons and restaurants during the day, and use them for other purposes at night.

Thai children are in high risk of danger ~ 7 out of 10 of all Thai littles (both girls and boys) have been sexually abused.

Why do these families sell their children? Thailand’s culture is so impoverished and frantic, we Americans cannot dare to imagine their state of desperation. Their culture is built on tribal groups, and it’s extremely rural. There isn’t a strong economy, and little to no jobs for them. Selling their littles brings much needed resources, and since they can be sold more than once, this specific income is even more appealing.

Many girls are forced brides to much older (usually wealthier, if even just somewhat wealthier) men, who already have a wife or two. These girls are 13-14 years old when forced to marry, their parents do this so that the husband will monetarily support the family. But after 2-3 years and a child or two, he tires of so many wives and children, and forces them out of the home. Their families won’t take them back, so these 15-16 year old girls with their 1 or 2 children are homeless and destitute. If she can find another man to support her, he won’t take the littles, and she’s forced to sell them or desert them so she can survive.

What a way to live.

It’s *no* way to live and I *will* make a difference. And we can do so much more together than separate.

Shame on my country, our country, for demolishing slavery ~ yet continuing to buy slaves. And shame on us women who do nothing when we find out this is happening.

I will do nothing no longer. Please join me. We can do much more together than individually.

Redeeming Beauty Minerals is partnering with Compassionate Hope Foundation to bring food, lodging, safety, health care, education, jobs, and more to these girls and boys. Together we will bring economic, scholastic, spiritual, and character development. Beauty from ashes.

We are supporting and building the Phusang Village of Hope, in Phusang, Thailand. It currently has 150+ Rescued Ones safely housed in it ~ at most it will have 200 Rescued Ones.

Each Village of Hope has 10 Homes of Hope (maximum 20 Rescued Ones per home), with schools and businesses that reach out to the surrounding areas. These businesses bring community development, jobs, and a stable economy so that children no longer have to be bought and sold.

Remember ~ give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime.

The schools in each Village of Hope reach out to more than the Rescued Ones in the Village ~ they reach the high risk children (remember, almost all are high risk) in the surrounding area too, tripling or quadrupling the amount of children being reached in this and each Village.

Education is so so so important to the culture in Thailand. For these children, it’s the only way they’ll be able to rise above and escape the horror they live in. Compassionate Hope Foundation makes sure that any who want to go on to complete a University level can and do, by providing funding and scholarships. And many of those who have graduated are now coming back to join Compassionate Hope with the mission, “Saved to Rescue Others.” Their bravery….touches my heart in a way I can’t describe.

This ministry has zero debt. All land and projects are purchased and begin when funds are in place. It relies solely on those who give. Monthly I am giving a portion of Redeeming Beauty Minerals’ gross profits to support Phusang, with your help. And if at any point in time you feel led to give to Compassionate Hope directly, please do so.

You can still check out my video for more information, and I’d love it if you’d please join me in bringing Beauty from Ashes.

Your Support Enables Redeeming Beauty Minerals to Help Provide for PhuSang Village

  • Provide Nourishing Food for the Entire Village
  • Provide Homes to Shelter “The Rescued Ones”
  • Provide Schools for Education
  • Provide Jobs for the Village That Build Self-Worth
  • Provide Healthcare for the Abused

The new middle school is now built. We can now reach 400+ more children beyond the 150 that are in our Village of Hope in PhuSang, and make a difference in their lives!

Thank you for being a part of Operation Beauty from Ashes!