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Creamy. Luxurious. All natural and organic. Not too wet, not too dry. Just like wearing your lips. The perfect organic lipstick.

Byzantine Masterpiece Lipstick
Iridescent Soul Lipstick
Fierce Protectress Lipstick
Fiery Idealist Lipstick
Virtuous Maiden Lipstick
Labyrinthine Victory Lipstick
Mysterious Empress Lipstick
Warrior Mama Lipstick
Gentle Queen Lipstick
Defiant Hope Natural Lipstick
Valiant Ruler Lipstick
Timeless Treasure Lipstick
Ardent Beauty Lipstick
Mesmerizing Lipstick
Captivating Lipstick
Relentless Visionary Lipstick
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Product Description

I finally had the guts to try making organic lipstick! It took several tries, but now it’s perfect. Every shade is extremely build-able so you can create the look you want ~ from lip tint to lipstick! Try it for yourself!

So excited! I found new beautiful *and larger* lipstick tubes 😍 The caps stay on better too. And gosh, it makes my lipsticks look more *real* (not that they aren’t lol, they just look more professional!) They feel so nice in your hand too. Smooth. Cool to the touch. A nice weight so you don’t fumble, like you did with the lightness of the others (or was that just me 🙃)


  • castor seed oil
  • cetyl stearyl alcohol
  • olive fruit oil
  • sustainably sourced beeswax
  • hydrogenated castor oil
  • glycine soybean lipids
  • lauryl laurate
  • carnauba wax
  • candelilla wax
  • lanolin
  • carmine
  • iron oxide
  • titanium dioxide

Why Did I Create This Lipstick?

7 reviews for Organic Lipstick

  1. Crystal Clobes (verified owner)

    This lipstick has a wonderful cross between it doesn’t feel stick (or even noticeable) but does an amazing job of staying right where you put it. I’ve purchased 5 colors and they all function the same way. My favorite color is Mysterious Empress

    • Sandra Smith

      I love Emily’s lipstick! I’m used to the pearlescent or glossy look, so I’m still getting used to the matte look, but evidently it’s all the rage right now:) I’m still having trouble finding just my color–I tend to stick with one single color once I find it. Looking forward to trying some of the wonderful shades Emily offers.

  2. Alyssa Worley (verified owner)

    Imagine this- a lipstick that is smooth, non-sticky, buildable, and non toxic! I love it. I have tried iridescent soul, ardent beauty, and labyrinthine victory. 3 different types of color, and yet all work with my skin tone. I am a fair-skinned dirty blonde, and the iridescent soul basically matches my lip color, maybe a little lighter. Great for summer days. Labyrinthine victory gives a nice peachy pink pop of color, and ardent beauty is my FAVORITE deep plum burgundy color for formal events, fall, and winter. Can’t wait to try more!

    • Sandra Smith

      I love any true-blue red or pink–no oranges or peaches for me! I have olive tones in my skin and graying, very dark hair with no red highlights, so I will always gravitate to pinks and reds. As I age, I feel that I need more color, so I’m excited about finding just the right shade!

  3. Sarah Norman (verified owner)

    This is my favorite lip stick!! I wear it pretty much everyday. It goes with everything and makes my lips feel healthy🙂

  4. raisingarrows (verified owner)

    This lipstick comes in beautiful colors and gives my lips a soft natural feel and finish, never sticky! I love each color I have tried and hope to try more soon!

  5. AnnieLou Twitchell (verified owner)

    Smooth, rich, and not gummy or sticky. No fake flavors, and it doesn’t irritate my lips! A perfect touch of red that doesn’t overwhelm my fair coloring.

  6. Sierra Fisher (verified owner)

    These lipsticks are my favorites, hands down, and I’ve tried a dozen different brands. They are creamy and hydrating, buildable, the colors are complimentary to one’s natural complexion, and these lipsticks feel like wearing natural lips rather than wearing lipstick! They are not slick, sticky, or drying. I have six colors and will definitely be replacing each of them when they run out! Highly recommend.

    (In this photo I am wearing Byzantine Masterpiece, my go-to nude lip color)

    • Sandra Smith

      How gorgeous you are in this color! Lovely!!! I’m a maturing:) brunette and hope to find such a wonderful color match as yours.

  7. Bekasouth (verified owner)

    I love this color! I have a hard time finding good lipstick colors for my lips and complexion. But this color is PERFECT. I’ll definitely be ordering again. It feels good on my lips and looks great with some clear lip gloss.

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