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Tinted Lipgloss is here!

You’ve been asking for sooooo looooong and I finally successfully created the perfect *tinted* lipgloss recipe! The color names are inspired by my current phase of emotional and physical healing (because they’re connected!), and the new levels of weakness and strength I’m discovering – along with new levels of realization of how BIG our God is and how deeply He wants to heal us.

I can’t wait to show you the first 6 colors!

All colors are sheer and can be layered for more intense coloration. These colors are so fun because they can look so different depending on how many layers you apply, and whether you layer over your fav RBM lipstick! So many different variations, like facets of a jewel…

From the bottom up
Color 6Wolfbite – the bite of a wolf is said to have the crushing power of 400 pounds of pressure, and up to 1200 pounds of pressure when protecting itself or it’s pack. That’s intensely fierce power to protect and love! Wear this plum lipgloss to remind yourself of the intense sustaining power God enriches you with, as you navigate the intense wilderness of life, life that includes both trauma – and healing – healing that makes you truly value traumatic experiences, because without pain, healing can’t begin to be valued, can’t be seen as beautiful, healing would be useless. And if healing is useless, hope cannot exist. And I’ve lived where hope didn’t exist. And it isn’t worth living. Have you been there too?

Color 5Phoenix – from ancient Greek folklore, this bird is a symbol of infinite strength and transformation as it rises from the ashes of each trauma. Absolutely nothing can be made from ashes, it’s ultimate ruin – except when God is in control of the healing and restoration process! Then He makes you rise from the fire even stronger and more beautiful than you were before. Wear this coral lipgloss when you need to be reminded that from destruction comes mighty transformation – transformation so amazing, words easily fail… It can be messy, certainly. Scary, definitely. But much like when the Beast was transformed into his full and complete self in the 1991 animated Beauty and the Beast, shafts of light begin to penetrate your darkness and into the darkness around you, separating the rags that used to clothe the old you, from your true beauty.

Color 4Soulfire – so I, uh, I made this name up. I turned a feeling I experience into a word. When I’m creating makeup or skincare, or writing my deepest thoughts, or composing music – doing anything creative really – it’s like somewhere deep inside of the very essence of me is on fire, a good kind of fire, the kind of fire that turns coal to spicy reflective diamonds. Wear this fiery pink lipgloss to remind yourself that God created you to do what sets your soul on fire. You are a multidimensional miracle of God – and each miracle God creates has a specific purpose. You, my dear miracle, have a purpose.

Color 3to be determined – but it will have a name – and a label – by the time it makes it to you. I may just be a little excited to release these…this color is a beautiful neutral coral/pink nude.

Color 2to be determined – but it will have a name – and a label – by the time it makes it to you. I just can’t wait to release these…this color is a lovely natural pink.

Color 1MorningGlory – this is the most awesome kind of flower. It comes in uncountable colors and variations. And while this color is pale pink and doesn’t “seem” strong, don’t let it fool you – this flower is anything but weak. Morning glories are lush green vines with large impactful flowers. In rainy seasons, the vines and leaves grow and flourish at a rate unmatched by other plants. There are some beautiful blooms at all seasons. But the flowers explode into magnificent bloom in dry seasons – with different flowers opening every morning to greet you. Wear this light pink gloss when you need to be reminded that God is growing deep roots in you, and that your beauty blooms in every season – though it will look different each morning, and in each season.  Please note: swatches on arm are truer to color. I couldn’t get the lighting right to get them each as accurate as I wanted. I will have to re-do somehow but this gives you an idea what they can look like on. My professional lighting was washing them all out. I hate when I’m fighting with lighting!

  • $12.95 for each color (a $14.95 value)
  • or
  • $49.95 for all 6 colors (a $89.95 value)
Ready to get yours now? I thought so 😉

Get them while they last, because if I have a stampede I’m going to have to cap the orders! Oy, the problems with growing your business too quickly lol 😜

I can’t wait! I hope you can’t too 💜

!Order Turnaround Time Update!

The TAT needs an adjustment.
7-14 day processing + FREE SHIPPING

So, my Summer Sample Box was my highest selling item EVER! Plus I had decades of traumatic experiences flood my memory 2 weekends ago…long story for another time… and it left me in bed for most of the past 2 weeks.

I’m having to be extremely gentle with myself physically – or I’ll end up throwing up at the end of the day (apparently not unusual for severely overwhelmed and overexhausted autistic women to experience [unless they are disassociating which isn’t truly healthy either so I’m trying to do this the healing way rather than numb out…].

What a great discovery…yay…Say the “yay” like the 1990’s Ben Stein Clear Eyes commercials lol)

Please continue to pray for us small business owners…some are closing their doors forever, while some are overflowing with orders, with more obstacles than typical to fulfill them! There is anxiety/depression and stress either way. Pray for Jesus’ Presence to be seen and felt 🙏🏻🦋
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Creamy. Luxurious. All natural. Thick and silky, yet not sticky. Use alone to accent your natural lips or over your favorite Redeeming Beauty Minerals lipstick to create a polished and eye catching lip color.

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  • Certified Organic Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Styrene Copolymer

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