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I receive so many requests for samples of all my products. But since I handcreate everything to order, that is quite a challenge. Think baking only one bite each of a brownie, a sugar cookie, and a chocolate chip cookie all the time….

But I also know that sometimes a girl needs samples because she wants to find her favorites quicker, and most economically. Or at least I do….is that just me?

Introducing a Sample Box, curated so you can try new items, colors, and complete looks and find new favorites!

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Happy Tutorial Tuesday! May you feel empowered to be your most beautiful you 💜

June Sample Box Pictorial  

What’s a Pictorial? It’s a picture tutorial, lol. 
My face is prepped with Nourish face primer, Snowdrop foundation, and Deep Compassionate Beauty brow gel.
Step 1: Apply Cherry Blossom over whole lid and swipe over bottom lash line too (opens up the eye and makes application look more complete)
Step 2: Apply Adoration on outer third corner of your lid, and the outer third corner on your lower lash line (base eyeshadow brush will yield a softer look, a detail crease brush will yield a bolder look ~ I used the base eyeshadow brush for all colors). Don’t worry about blending yet.
Step 3: Apply Gentleness in crease, and also where Cherry Blossom and Adoration meet to blend the colors (middle third of the lid). Be sure now to blend where any shadow meets bare skin to create a flawless look ~ I use my finger to soften the edges, gently swiping over any “lines” I see. Not sure why I look like two different colors, lol, but at least you can see the makeup!
Step 4: Apply any liner if you want (I used Cleopatra’s Kohl as liner, naturally tightlining), any blush you want (I used Snapdragon), any mascara color you want (I used Black Amethyst), and any lipstick you want.
This is with Relentless Visionary lipstick.

This is with Defiant Hope lipstick.
But you can use any lipstick you want, which is why I wanted to show you 2 opposites. Other lipstick options you my like are Ardent Beauty, Virtuous Maiden, Gentle Queen. Or any other that may strike your fancy!

I thought this was a funny candid. I was trying to take a more serious picture, but it didn’t take when I thought it did, and I accidentally caught myself smirking at myself in the screen 😂

June Sample Box Offer  

Want to try this look? Purchase any full size lipstick and receive samples of all 3 shadows used in the above tutorial! (Cherry Blossom, Gentleness, Adoration)

All you have to do is add your lipstick of choice to your cart, apply code SampleShadowTrio – and the samples will automatically be added to your cart.

Happy shopping!

Offer valid June 12-18, 2018.
Points or other discounts cannot be applied to this special item combination.
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