Crowning Glory Dry Mineral Shampoo and Body Powder

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Looking for something to replace your baby powder? Don’t want to strip your hair of its natural oils? Don’t want any nasty chemicals? Look no further than Redeeming Beauty’s Crowning Glory all natural dry shampoo and multi purpose powder. Made of Kaolin Clay and Sericite Mica, this recipe will absorb all unwanted moisture, and as a dry shampoo it will delightfully freshen your hair. Use as often as needed.

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Product Description

This dry shampoo is UNSCENTED, so no need to worry if you’ll have an allergic reaction.

I have oily hair, and I only need to wash my hair once a week in the winter, and twice a week in the summer! I use this shampoo whenever my hair needs refreshing. This is great for those with dry hair also, so you don’t wash out those much needed oils.

My hair is brown, and this shampoo does not affect my hair color when I am finished.

How to Apply Crowning Glory

As Multi Purpose Powder:

  • apply as you would baby powder

As Dry Shampoo:

  • sprinkle on roots (if you have thick hair like mine, you may need to divide it into sections first)
  • smooth palms over shampoo
  • use fingers to massage into scalp (like lathering your shampoo!)
  • brush it out with a boar’s hair bristle brush
    style as usual

Don’t worry if your hair looks like an old fashioned powdered wig at first….it won’t when you’re done!


Shampoo is a 45g Jar of Loose Powder

  • Sericite Mica
  • Rice Powder

Why Did I Create This Dry Shampooh?

2 reviews for Crowning Glory Dry Mineral Shampoo and Body Powder

  1. Sierra Fisher (verified owner)

    I have a very oily scalp. It didn’t bother me as much when I had curly hair, but now that it’s straight with bangs, second day hair is very obvious. I’ve tried several different store brands of dry shampoo. None have been satisfactory. I’ve either had an allergic reaction to them, they’ve made my hair feel grungy and look dull, or they’ve caused product build-up on my scalp. This one actually calms my scalp and leaves my hair looking clean, not simply dry. It’s perfect for making bangs last a couple extra days between washes!

  2. raisingarrows (verified owner)

    This is a must for busy mornings when I just don’t have time to wash my hair! Leaves my hair looking and feeling clean without the buildup that a lot of other dry shampoos will leave behind. My hair is thick and tends to be oily. This dry shampoo just does a beautiful job without all the added chemicals.

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