Lavender Rose Face Mist

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Illuminate ~ sultry calming floral scent of lavender and rose features hyaluronic acid, rose and lavender distillates
uses can include makeup setting spray, need-a-nap-in-the-middle-of-the-day-but-cant refreshing mist to refresh your complexion and spirit, pillow & sheet spray to refresh your bed and relax yourself to sleep…

Rejuvenate ~ spicy invigorating scent of frankincense, rose, and lavender features hyaluronic acid, frankincense, and rose and lavender distillates uses can include face spray to protect against blemishes, no-time-to-wash-face-and-wake-up morning mist, or too-tired-to-wash-face-before-bed mist, pillow spray to keep pillowcase more clear of pesky bacteria that causes overnight blemishes

How Do You Use a Face Mist?

And why do you need one?

Wonderful questions to ask!

A face mist with luscious and nourishing ingredients is going to do several amazing things for you:

Set your makeup ~ removing any powder finish (even if you accidentally caked it on in spots, I’ve totally done that before!), melting your foundation into your complexion. After your makeup application, just lightly spritz on holding about six inches away from your face, let set for a minute or two, and blot any extra that you may have left over.

Create baby skin ~ this I adore, because I’m in love with my toddler’s skin. It has such a beautifully hydrated texture and glow! Just spritz on and let set before your Nourish face primer, spritz on and let set before your {You are Beautiful} foundation, and spritz on after everything else is applied. Basically, for every layer of makeup application you do, you apply a spritz or two of the facial mist. Feels and looks amazing!

Control your oil levels ~ keeping your skin from feeling dry, so it has no need to secrete extra oil. Pure genius!

Hydrate dry skin ~ even oily skin is dry (typically why it creates additional oils). A complexion mist is lightweight, penetrating deeply, and going to hydrate your skin.

Refresh your makeup ~ you know the yucky tired feeling you can feel in the afternoon? Spritz on and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to finish the day!

Intensify your eye makeup ~ this is super easy, and creates a bolder natural to very bold look, depending on how much you spritz on your eyeshadow brush. Use one spritz to intensify your shadow color and lengthen your wear time, use more spritzes to intensify color even more. Spritz once on your liner brush to create incredible gel-like liner too!

Stop the picking ~ ok, this sounds odd perhaps, but since I struggle from anxiety, I tend to scratch and pick at myself as my anxiety levels rise. I learned that just a spritz or two relieves any angst I feel in my skin, and refreshes it, taking away any need I feel to claw at my face (or back or arms…just being honest…)


  • Certified Organic Rosa Damascena (Rose) distillate for toning and softening skin, moisturizing and refreshing the complexion, and for diminishing redness and inflammation
  • Certified Organic Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) distillate for soothing and calming the complexion
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Phospholipids
  • Jojoba oil

Prayers and love just for you 💜

Size: 2oz

because Beauty is more than skin deep


1 review for Lavender Rose Face Mist

  1. Andrea Day (verified owner)

    I already love this mist! I’ve been spraying it on night and day. It feels light and smooth as it goes on.

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