an Effortless and Beautiful Hairstyle

Happy Tutorial Tuesday! I have a new tutorial for you ~ but it isn't me *covers face in embarrassment* Honestly? It's my birthday, my hair needs to be washed, my toddler keeps having meltdowns, I just shipped off 150 eyeshadows yesterday for a wholesale order for a green beauty box, and I'm buried [...]

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Create Silky Soft Luscious Waves

Wanting to create luscious clumps of silky shiny waves? With all natural products? Then this is the tutorial for you. I had no idea I would get inundated with emails and facebook messages when I posted the behind the scenes of my last tutorial, requesting information on the hair products I use and how [...]

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Create Exotic Eyes to Mesmerize

We're finishing up our focus on purples, and I thought we could end with what has turned out to be my favorite combination yet. It looks so mesmerizingly natural! And it works for everyone! Your eyes will look so exotic!! I will also demo my new all new mineral mascara recipe, and share with you [...]

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Make Your Makeup Brush Your Magic Wand

Curious what your eye makeup magic wand is? Your eyeshadow brush!! And in this tutorial I show you how to create multiple looks with just 1 eyeshadow brush....yes only 1! You can actually get 3 different looks with only 1 eyeshadow and 1 eyeshadow brush!! Don't believe me? Watch me!    [...]

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{THE} Makeup Tutorial for Beginners and Preteens

Want to look polished effortlessly? Who doesn't, right? Lol! ? If you want to look polished, then this tutorial is for you. If you're a beginner to makeup, this tutorial is for you. Why? Because this tutorial is overflowingly full of tips to apply your makeup flawlessly, and product information to help you [...]

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Make Your Eye Shape Look Fabulous

Would you like to learn how to beautifully accent your eyes, simply and effortlessly? I know the pain of not knowing how to accent my own eyes, as they are large and deep set (and I'm considered a redhead also, which is the trickiest color palette). This tutorial is full of my secret [...]

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