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4 Simple Steps to Create a Fresh, No Makeup Makeup Look

Happy Tutorial Tuesday, I have new techniques for a new look for you today, and I have news too!

The Famous No Makeup Makeup Look

I’ve heard from you that you would like a condensed preview of the tutorial for you to skim in case you don’t get a chance to view the tutorial right away. Usually I feel like I have nothing more to say, because I said it all already in the tutorial, lol. But I’ll try!

(P.s. I talk about upcoming new products in my tutorial, so you may want to listen at some point….)

Simple Steps to Create a Fresh, No Makeup Makeup Look

  1. Prep your face as you wish, bare with Perfectly Flawless mineral veil, or with your choice of your Beautiful foundation, and brush on your choice of Deep or Gentle Compassionate Beauty tinted brow gel
  2. Using Elite base eyeshadow brush, sweep a neutral matte eyeshadow gently in your crease (a shade or two deeper than your complexion) to open your eyes. I demonstrate with Generosity from the Unfading Beauty collection, a lavender taupe.
  3. Apply a peach or berry blush to your cheekbones with Elite blush brush, to create a light and fresh healthy glow to your cheeks. I use Snapdragon (as you’ve probably figured out, it’s my favorite, lol, but I’m in the middle of creating several more shades!)
  4. Sweep a neutral lipstick over your lips, building to the level of color you prefer. I’m showing you with Byzantine Masterpiece, and I share the story behind it’s intriguing name in the video below!

Used in Tutorial

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