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an Effortless and Beautiful Hairstyle

Happy Tutorial Tuesday! I have a new tutorial for you ~ but it isn’t me *covers face in embarrassment*

Honestly? It’s my birthday, my hair needs to be washed, my toddler keeps having meltdowns, I just shipped off 150 eyeshadows yesterday for a wholesale order for a green beauty box, and I’m buried in creating the 524 mini lipsticks from the April sample collection. I had no idea you’d want that many, and I’ve run into many snags along the way, including having to trim each label because the whole name label seals the lid shut *face palm* ….yay for accurate website measurements…. *rolls eyes*

But it’s a fabulous tutorial with two different options! I’m going to wear my hair like the left pic tonight for my birthday dinner. It’s the perfect pairing of simple and beautiful ~ an excellent combo for this busy and overwhelmed mama!

This is Kate from The Small Things Blog. She can use a lot of hairspray and heat styling, but it’s easy to adjust to what your hair loves (I rarely use heat on mine, and I rarely use hairspray too). Regardless, she has an artist’s touch with hair, and so many fabulous tips to learn. Enjoy this quick and beautiful tutorial!

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