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Create Silky Soft Luscious Waves

Wanting to create luscious clumps of silky shiny waves? With all natural products? Then this is the tutorial for you. I had no idea I would get inundated with emails and facebook messages when I posted the behind the scenes of my last tutorial, requesting information on the hair products I use and how I do my hair so beautifully! I’m sharing my wavy hair routine, with many valuable tips, because I know how overlooked we wavy girls are, especially if we’re long-haired.

I spent hours trying to find my routine, because not everything worked that I tried. Many curly girl techniques either don’t work for wavy hair, or don’t work for long hair. Or both, lol.

These tips should make your life easier, or at least, make your hairstyling easier.

Believe me, it’s taken lots of trial and error and research ~ hours and hours ~ and I’m sharing it with you. So this is very valuable! Please enjoy!

Please enjoy this special tutorial just for you!!

Used in Tutorial | Innersense Organic Beauty

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