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Magnificent Hair with Natural Dry Shampoo (use as a body powder too!)

Emily Wearing Dry ShampooWhat do you do when your hair is dirty, but you’re out of time? Why scrape it into a ponytail or messy bun when you can spend a minute or two and have clean hair again?! And you’ll feel so much better too.

I’m so excited to demo the new powder mist bottle too ~ did you know powder can be sprayed?! I didn’t until I saw this and ordered one to try for myself. It really works! No aerosol needed….

You can spray Crowning Glory wherever you want in your hair. You can also spray wherever you need to absorb extra moisture on your body. No need to get your hands dirty either, spray and go!

The ingredients? Not watered down with fillers to lower quality and lower price. Zero compromise. Pure and absorbent. Great even for dark hair. Watch for yourself!

  • kaolin clay ~ a strong oil and sebum absorbent
  • rice powder ~ lightweight absorbent to keep the clay from being too dense
  • arrowroot powder and mica ~ lightweight absorbents that also add shine to your hair

Remember, if you order, I’m praying for you by name as I create and wrap your order!

Wear Makeup You Love. Rescue Children. Feel Beautiful.

because Beauty is more than skin deep

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