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The Mascara Wand Changes Everything

Did you know that a different mascara wand changes how the mascara applies? Watch this brand new tutorial to see this magical wand.

Oh, by the way, if you start on your outer lashes combing them outwards, your lashes will look longer and your eye larger.

Would you like to try this new wand for free? If so, I have another gift for you.

Choose whichever color mascara you want to try and add it to your cart. Use code LOVED at checkout. {Because you are loved} Your full size mascara, a $24.95 value, will be free as long as you have $25 in your cart. 

I have been so amazingly blessed by all of you. Seriously. I have had 144% increase in sales this month so far!! I think that’s pretty record-breaking for me!

2 thoughts on “The Mascara Wand Changes Everything

  1. Thank you for the tutorial! I just got the new wand and have been learning to use it, this helped a lot. So glad that fake lashes are going back out of style, couldn’t stand how they looked. The jasmine flowers are sweet and such an uplifting scent they have. Thank you for your generous gift.

  2. Enjoyed the tutorial. But remember you aren’t your diagnosis. You are You. See us as your friends, then there’s no need to be nervous. That’s how we see you. Also thanks again for your assistance on my lipstick fiasco. Look forward to the mascara and appreciate your generosity, twice. Do you have a tutorial for applying bronzer and/or highlighter? If not, maybe that could be added someday?

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