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Accent Your Natural Beauty in 3 Simple Steps

Emilys Natural BeautyDo you like to hear secrets? I have some for you!

You’ll learn the best features to place color and in what order, to bring in natural color to your complexion in minutes, and feel fabulous.

This may be a short tutorial, but it’s worth it’s weight in gold!

Used in Tutorial

  • Woman Wearing Mineral Brow Gel Compassionate Beauty Mineral Brow Gel  (shade: Deep Compassionate Beauty) $14.95
    Fierce Protectress Lipstick Organic Lipstick  (shade: Fierce Protectress) $29.95
    Woman Wearing Natural Lipgloss Clear Natural Lipgloss $9.95
    Pinched Mineral Blush Mineral Blush  (shade: Pinched) $29.95

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