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Create Exotic Eyes to Mesmerize

We’re finishing up our focus on purples, and I thought we could end with what has turned out to be my favorite combination yet. It looks so mesmerizingly natural! And it works for everyone! Your eyes will look so exotic!!

I will also demo my new all new mineral mascara recipe, and share with you what’s different and why it’s absolutely perfect now. And it’s still totally natural and pure of course!

Watch and then try and see for yourself it your eyes look exotic ~ Enjoy!

Used in Tutorial

  • Marshmallow Mineral Eyeshadow Neutral Mineral Eyeshadows  (shade: Marshmallow) $14.95
    Tangerine Bliss Mineral Eyeshadow Peach Mineral Eyeshadows  (shade: Tangerine Bliss) $14.95
    Dusk Mineral Eyeshadow Purple Mineral Eyeshadows  (shade: Dusk) $14.95
    Faithfulness Mineral Eyeshadow Purple Mineral Eyeshadows  (shade: Faithfulness) $14.95
    Woman Wearing Mineral Mascara Exotic Beauty Mineral Mascara  (color: Black Walnut) $24.95
    Fiery Idealist Lipstick Organic Lipstick  (shade: Fiery Idealist) $29.95
    Snapdragon Mineral Blush Mineral Blush  (shade: Snapdragon) $29.95
    Elite Finishing Powder Brush Makeup Brushes  (brush: Elite Finishing Powder Brush) $29.95 Out of stock
    Elite Base Eyeshadow Brush Makeup Brushes  (brush: Elite Base Eyeshadow Brush) $14.95 Out of stock
    Elite Crease Brush Makeup Brushes  (brush: Elite Crease Brush) $14.95 Out of stock
    Elite Eyebrow Smudge Brush Makeup Brushes  (brush: Elite Eyebrow & Smudge Brush) $14.95 Out of stock
    Elite Dome Kabuki Brush Makeup Brushes  (brush: Elite Dome Kabuki Brush) $34.95 Out of stock

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