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Want Amazing Lashes?

Emily Wearing New Mascara RecipeRedeeming Beauty Minerals now has a fiber lash inspired formula!! See the picture on the left? That’s the current formula. See the picture on the right? That’s the new volumizing and lengthening formula! They are both Black Walnut in color, 3 coats, no editing!! Plus, my super super ridiculously fine lashes can now have mascara on them, without using every trick on Pinterest 😍

Super easy application. Don’t believe me? Watch this short tutorial to see! What’s the new ingredient that allows this magic? Matcha tea ☕ Matcha tea is powdered green tea. Why Matcha? Well, the leading more natural (ie less toxic but not completely nontoxic) brands use green tea fibers in their formulas, but their fibers are large and can cause flaking/shedding. So I designed a formula with powder instead!

And don’t forget, keep scrolling to see what’s special for you!

You’ll find all the items used linked at the bottom of the tutorial. And don’t forget you can use the new search function to find anything by name so you won’t get lost wandering the aisles of my site, lol (I get lost in things so easy, do you?)

Used in Tutorial

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